2021 Visual Highlight Reel
3D tunnels and models generated in a loop to fit artist's style. Created using Blender Cycles Engine and After Effects, fit for LED screens.
Event Graphics
Motion graphics designed and rendered for various livestream events, created to fit each event's meaning and lifestyle.
Promotional Assets
Animated promotional materials designed to create a buzz around the event/company by developing a connection to it's viewers.
Green Screen Stage Designs
Designed for online livestream events utilizing green screen recording and editing. All developed and rendered in After Effects to be used on any streaming and/or editing software.
Animated Music Videos
Fan-made music/lyric videos based around some of my favourite tracks. Asset's created in Blender using Cycles Render Engine as well as Illustrator to be exported and used in After Effects.
William Black & Fairlane - Butterflies ft. Dia Frampton

Sinner's Heist - Machine ft. Heather Jeanette

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